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Address Hunger in Okanogan County

We have a number of opportunities to help address hunger in Okanogan County, including: Food for All Gleaning Leader Food for All Gleaning Guru Food for All Garden Manager Food for All Garden Crew To learn more about these volunteer opportunities, contact RSVP of NCW at 509-662-3461, or send an e-mail to info@rsvpncw.org.

Senior Falls Prevention Opportunities

Seniors falling and injuring themselves are one of the primary reasons for hospital admissions for older adults and one of the reasons people are unable to continue to live independently in their own homes. Exercise programs focused on strength and balance for older adults have been shown to be effective ways to reduce falls. We […]

Literacy Council Opportunities

We partner with the Literacy Council of Chelan and Douglas Counties located in Wenatchee. Volunteers teach English as a Second Language and basic literacy skills to economically disadvantaged individuals one-on-one or in small groups. No other language than English necessary. No prior teaching experience necessary. Free training and support is provided. Three hours per week […]

Food Security Opportunities

Poverty is closely linked to hunger and food insecurity. Clearly, having the resources to obtain necessary food is critical to reducing hunger and food insecurity. Not having the resources to obtain food is one of the primary reasons people skip meals and slip from food insecurity into hunger. Poverty and the resulting hunger and food […]

Disaster Opportunities

Disasters are a common occurrence in North Central Washington. Wildfires and flash floods are common natural disasters in our region, but single family house fires are the most common disaster facing families. RSVP partners with the Apple Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross to provide relief to victims of disasters and to help people […]