Food insecurity is an acute issue throughout North Central Washington.  A shockingly high number of our neighbors, friends and families aren’t sure how they will feed themselves or someone they love on a regular basis.  Many struggle with food insecurity daily.  

The number of hungry families in Washington state has risen 85% in the past decade.  Children and the elderly are the most affected by food insecurity — comprising more than half of the people who utilize local and regional emergency food systems.  As an RSVP volunteer, you can be part of the solution through one of many opportunities.

  • Help prepare and serve meals for seniors through community dining programs.
  • Support one of our partner food banks by collecting or unloading food, cleaning and restocking, and distributing food.
  • Collect food items and stock backpacks full of nutritious food so kids don’t go hungry over the weekend.
  • Help deliver meals to home-bound individuals.
  • Sign up to participate in the “Green Bag” program — adding just one extra non-perishable food item from each grocery trip will fill a bag in no time.