RSVP is a program specially designed for seniors over the age of 55. With this program, there is a huge variety of volunteer positions available for you. You choose the hours you will put in, where you will serve as a volunteer, and the type of work you will do. You will successfully join over 500,000 senior citizens across the United States that currently volunteer with RSVP.

What is RSVP and What does it do?

RSVP is a group of volunteers who are over the age of 55 and they serve a number of communities across the globe. These organizations that use the individuals over the age of 55 will either use the individual locally or will have them serve nationally. You are in charge of where you want to serve and how you want to serve the organization. No one will force you to spend your time on any given organization and if you find that you have given your time but are becoming too tired, then you will be able to cut your hours back where need be.

What do I get with RSVP?

When you are working with the RSVP group, you will receive pre-service orientation as well as training. The training will allow you to learn what you need to know for working with the area that you are giving your time to. You will also receive insurance for the time that you are on duty working for the organization as well. This makes it so that if you become injured while volunteering that you have something to collect from for as long as you need it or for as long as your benefits are there. Once you exceed the amount of money set forward with the insurance company, you will become responsible for those bills.

What are the requirements

There are simply no requirements to becoming an RSVP volunteer. You may be a current volunteer looking for a new, exciting position. Additionally, you may be a lonely senior looking for some excitement in your life. Either way you look at it, RSVP volunteering is the perfect choice.

How often do I have to volunteer?

RSVP was designed to help keep seniors active and create opportunities for them to use their wealth of knowledge and experience in their communities. Volunteer assignments are flexible. Although you choose how frequently you want to volunteer, we ask that you maintain the time commitment of your selected assignment.

Do RSVP volunteers only serve the nonprofit community?

RSVP volunteers can serve at area non-profit agencies, healthcare facilities and faith-based organizations in fulfillment of our mission and funding requirements.

Why Become An RSVP Member When You Already Volunteer?

When you volunteer through RSVP programs, you receive additional, awarding benefits. The benefits are designed to serve you as an individual. For example, if you previously worked a 9 to 5 job, and are in the habit of working those hours, RSVP will work with your individual needs. On the other hand, if you have not been working and have recently felt like you have become lazy, or have nothing to do, RSVP will assist you so that you can easily get back into the routine of becoming an active member of society again. This in return will be very beneficial for your health.

I want to help to make my community a better place, but I am a snowbird or travel frequently for the holidays. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! There are many volunteer opportunities that will accommodate YOUR schedule, regardless if you are available sporadically, seasonally, monthly or weekly.

Why do I have to report my hours?

When you report your hours by submitting a monthly timesheet, it helps to document the impact volunteers make on the community they serve. The reported hours enable us to continue the RSVP mission by promoting volunteerism in the community and to provide placement for the volunteers and services to other agencies.