STAY ACTIVE and INDEPENDENT FOR LIFE with help from free SAIL classes

RSVP of North Central Washington works with community organizations in the six counties we cover to offer free S.A.I.L. (Stay Active and Independent for Life) classes. SAIL classes are low-impact exercise classes focused on fall prevention.

  • Every 19 minutes, an older adult (age 65+) dies from a fall!
  • Every 11-seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall-related injury!
  • Fall prevention programs help seniors develop strength and balance to reduce falls.

Below is a list of the current classes, meeting times, and locations. Please contact if you would like to confirm your class in advance.  Please feel free to join a class, there is no charge to participate.

Other Benefits Shared to us by Participants:

  • I have less leg cramps
  • Better Balance
  • Getting strength back in my legs
  • Get down on the floor and play with grandkids and get back up
  • Can walk further and take the stairs more
  • Better posture
  • Load dishwasher and put dishes away
  • Walk my dog
  • Increased flexibility
  • Lowered blood pressure with no change in weight
  • Knee pain is gone
  • Free classes
  • Socialization/New Friends

Are Saying

Betty is a friendly 81 year old woman who has been participating in the SAIL program for two years.  Recently she remarked that, while backing up her car, she can now turn her head in both directions to look for traffic compared to relying only her mirrors which she had previously done. “I love this class.  These people are some of my dear friends,” she stated emphatically.  She feels that the SAIL program is improving her mobility and strength.  Proof of this is evident as she folds her heavy walker and lifts it into her trunk after each SAIL class.

Betty W.

“I had an appointment to see my general practitioner prior to a podiatrist appointment. I had discussed a foot problem with the podiatrist and we discussed surgery with the probability that I would be in a cast for three months at least. Imagine my surprise when my doctor said at the exam that I was very healthy and looked and acted younger than my age! He then recommended that I not have the surgery. This is 100% attributed to my participation in the SAIL exercise program. Before SAIL, I never exercised and never got out of the house. Now, I have a built-in support system of friends in my class, newfound confidence and new bill of health! I now babysit my youngest great-grandchild twice a week and can get down on the floor to play with him. My doctor is so happy with my health and said, “keep it up!”.

Margaret S.

“My family has been concerned about me living along in my house for years. They call me daily to make sure I haven’t fallen for fear I will break my hip and have to move into an assisted living. I want to stay in my home, so I finally agreed to participate in the SAIL class which is offered at our local Senior Center. These classes have changed my life! They are no cost, which helps me tremendously with my fixed income. I now have better posture, better balance, and can walk without my cane. I never could do this before. My knee pain is gone – and I can even scratch my own back! I wish more people knew about the SAIL program. It allows me to stay in my home and maintain my independence.

Cheong L.